MIDI Keyboard Tool

Use your keyboard A-Z buttons. Space bar alternates between sets of sound clips. Another lesson in, “Use your brain, make something,” to enjoy and have fun. Made by Berkeley, CA, local, Jono.

No Compromises

They said it couldn’t be done. I’m here to say, yes, it can be done. They said you need a car. I’m here to prove, no, you don’t need a car. No compromises with your love, integrity,  health,  time – your lifestyle principles. RIDE EVERY DAY. – Wilson


EBBP Water Bottle

These EBBP Water Bottles came out awesome! ‘Dat piff, though! With the name label so you can magic marker your name on the bottle. And the subtle “Three Feet For Safety Act” CVC 21760 code, inspired from the bible verses printed on In ‘n Out burger wrappers. Pick up one or two EBBP Water Bottles here or in person at the next EBBP. Bike Party!

What is Wheels of Steel WoS


Wheels of Steel cycling club is commonly represented in social media as “WoS” #WoS. Spelled with a capital “W” and “S” and lowercase “o” as used in the example: “On New Years Day, I’m gonna ham it to the top of Mount Diablo with WoS.”

WoS started as a Friday night social ride to keep legs fresh for snowboarding season. It has evolved into a lifestyle actively created with the bicycle #bikelife. Regardless of where and how WoS is worn or displayed, WoS is a mindset for transformation and health through best intentions. Get on your bike and make a difference: RIDE EVERY DAY!

The WoS logos can be seen on traffic signs, bicycle framesets, bespoke clothing, on or around cyclists riding together in the hills and mountains of the San Francisco East Bay Area.

WoS signature riding style, “It’s not about the bike, it’s about you”:


I remember WoS 92510 (stomping ground area codes 925 and 510):

WoS on a bike frame:

WoS on a jersey:

WoS dancing:

WoS on a traffic sign:


WoS at Port Sprints:

WoS on a Cup:

WoS on Social Media:

WoS at Twilight:

WoS out there:

WoS inverted:

WoS leading East Bay Bike Party:

WoS on spokecards:

WoS on Facebook:

WoS on Strava:

WoS inspiring others to ride their best:


Photos by: Jillian Betterly, Nick Erickson, Fernando Munguia, Candice Phrogus, Linda Poeng, Wilson Tai.