Never Stop Exploring in Maui

Volcano Club at Ke’Anae Point, sending a special thanks to The North Face and TNF’s Shay, for the support and encouragement to fulfill and live the dream. #WilloftheSun #neverstopexploring #WoS — with Linda Poeng, Nicholas Erickson, Shaun Tai, Allison Sieber and Wilson Tai at Haiku, Maui.

Headcam on WoS Nick in pursuit of WoS Wilson

This is #WilloftheSun – 36 seconds of dippin’ from Bike to the Beach Day. Today is the birthday ride: 10,000 feet or bust. — with Wilson Tai and Nicholas Erickson at Hana Highway.

Take the Leap

WoS Nick taking flight off a 35 ft. secret concrete ledge into Ching’s Pond. Pro tip: Take the Leap. — with Wilson Tai, Linda Poeng, Shaun Tai and Allison Sieber at Chings Pond, Maui.

Spinning at 8,000 ft.

WoS Allison and WoS Linda check in on Haleakala with how it feels at 8,000 ft. Air is “thinner” at high altitudes. We were told that statistically, at least one of us would experience altitude sickness. When you go too high, too fast, your body cannot get as much oxygen as it needs. Just another 2,000 ft. to go to summit. Pro tip: breathe. #willofthesun — with Allison Sieber, Wilson Tai, Linda Poeng, Nicholas Erickson and Shaun Tai at Haleakala National Park.