Replace Bike With Car

Wheels of Steel WoS — with Nicholas Erickson” Car-free for a decade, Nick is devastated to #replacebikewithcar. Filmed by ZTY Media. Edited by Raimundo. #willofthesun

Bike Parts For Sale

Wilson 925-297-9371
Local pick up in Pleasant Hill BART or ship. Cash or Paypal for payment.

Custom Phil Wood track wheel $200 (ship CONUS $30)

Used condition, great condition. Just the front hub by itself retails $218 at ebaY

- Phil Wood anodized purple high flange track hub (Phil Wood, San Jose, California, custom order)
- Bolt-On 100mm, front, brakeless only
- 32 holes, radial laced spoke pattern – stiff strong and beautiful
- Phil Wood stainless silver spokes with the “P” on the spoke head, and Phil Wood silver brass nipples
- Velocity Australian made Blunt SL (superlight ~420g) non-machined disc-specific 29er/700c rim is 25mm wide, wider than the H Plus Son Archetype, same width as the hottest HED Belgium+ rims on the market today. Fun fact: the Archetype and Belgium road rims are heavier than the mountain rim Blunt SL.
- 100% spins forever, round, true, ready to ride, with Velox cloth tape already installed.
- Handlaced by master wheelbuilder Mike Wilson of Wheels of Steel WoS.


DT Swiss 36 step star ratchet upgrade kit $65 (ship CONUS $5)

New in retail package, retails for $104 online at Jenson USA

- Fits DT Swiss 190, 240, 350, 440 hubs, or hubs like Specialized S-Works that use DT Swiss star ratchet system
- Changes the degree of engagement of your rear hub from 20 degrees to 10 degrees for faster engagement
- 36 instead of 18 steps
- Extra CNC machining, shaves 10 grams over stock ratchets

DT Swiss 36 step rachet


… and an audible comparison between 18t stock and 36t rachet upgrade. The upgrade is louder in a Chris King “angry bee’s” kind of way, and more points per engagement.

Soaring to the Heights of Passion

Live With Passion (Sponsored)

Pursuing breakthroughs in life

In the ridiculously fast pace of life nowadays, the usual stresses – financial, emotional, physical, occupational, and many others – just seem to get magnified even more. It’s quite easy to look at other people’s Instagram feeds – with their painstakingly crafted pictures seemingly depicting perfect lives – and immediately feel an irresistible sense of inadequacy. There’s a gnawing feeling that creeps up on the mind that says “nothing’s ever good enough, it seems.”

Instead of moping about it, though, driven people find it more satisfying to actually do something about it. A good first step is to be keenly aware of one’s strengths and take stock of them. After all, it’s easier to work on a set of good qualities if the person actually knows what those qualities are in the first place.

This type of positive self-improvement is especially effective in a workplace setting. For many people, how they perform at their respective callings – an office job, goodwill volunteer work, and everything in between – dictates how fulfilled they are with their lives.

It’s a type of outlook that many world-class companies have definitely picked up, especially those coming from the IT industry. The aforementioned fast-paced standard of living requires people who can quickly adapt to our increasingly digitally-interconnected lifestyle; the kind of people that IT companies at the forefront need to keep their businesses steered in the right direction.

Google is certainly one of these companies that know exactly who they want to join their ranks. The online giant has recently become famous for touting the merits of workers who exemplify self-fulfillment through positivity, whether or not said workers have a college degree. As Google Senior VP Laszlo Bock likes to make a point of, “When you look at people who don’t go to school and [still] make their way in the world, those are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people.”

IT companies less known but no less forward-moving are also focusing on workforce quality. IGT, an internationally renowned game developer that has worked on mobile casino site pocket fruity, credits the right people – smart, dynamic team players who are committed to excellence – for their industry-leading achievements in the gaming industry. As a matter of fact, IGT was just recognized for another industry first, as they were granted the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Gaming Voice Award for “Best 2013 Annual Report.”

In the end, whether it’s working for an innovative tech company, a retailers’ cooperative, or a non-profit charity organization, the important thing is to forge ahead and create opportunities for personal growth and improvement. It all starts with the knowledge that passion with direction will inevitably lead to great success.